[WHO AM I ?]



I could never explain my self in words, cause language has its own limitations. When I was born, I have no idea about ‘who am i’, i don’t even remember that ‘i am’, but still I existed.

The unconscious of ‘i am’ continued till I was three years old, then I had my first glimpse of this conscious world, then I had realised that ‘i am’ I was growing fast as if there was some urgency, my schooling passed, my college days passed, ups and downs passed, my body was changing fast, I was accumulating muscle and bone, mentally I have accumulated countless thoughts, beliefs, concepts about myself.

I have no idea what I was doing in this world, I thought I was an average guy just like anybody else. Now am grown up, married and IAM blessed with two baby girls, IAM happily married, despite few obstacles, everything was constantly changing, nothing was spontaneous. I was Little bit spiritual since childhood, I have inherited spirituality from my parents. Some how I have attracted towards self realization, then I have started reading books of Sri bhagawan Ramana maharshi, since then I have changed internally, all my beliefs, concepts have collapsed, even though some doubts haunted me, but there was no power of doubts on me.

So, what is the difference between the ‘i am’ when I was born and the ‘i am’ now. Both are same, when I was born I was not identified with my thoughts or mind, cause I haven’t accumulated anything in my mind, but now I have accumulated so many things, the body and mind are only accumulated, not me, IAM the only observer, which is not changing at all. The only thing is, I was not aware of the observer when I was born, the observer was ever present, unshakable, spontaneous, without pieces, it cannot be touched by death.

And the observer is not apart from the absolute awareness, the one without second, when there is a separation that IAM doing there is suffering, if you know that you are not separate from the absolute awareness that is pure knowledge and bliss. Self realization is not a concept, it is knowing that you are not a limited or separate person, you are that unlimited awareness, which never moves, only at the level of mind movement happens, once you are aware of, it vanishes. You are always that self, but the mind is the obstacle for realization. Therefore, self realization will not happen in the future, nor you can say I have realised the self, in both ways ego is operating, the self realization is NOW.

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Silence is pointing truth.



Silence is the gateway to the absolute truth. Observe the silence behind every sound, you will discover every sound emerges from silence and only observing you will know that your true nature is simply knowing awareness. The silence itself is pointing truth.

The awareness knowing everything and nothing, so there is no other awareness to know the awareness. When you observe only silence then it simply pointing truth. There are only pointers to the absolute truth, some of the pointers are silence, nothing, presence awareness, consiouseness, conscious witness and so on. All these words given by mind itself, it can never know your true nature. And silence is always pointing truth. Truth is nothing but the awareness itself. Absolute, awareness, consciousness, are nothing but the truth. Infact one cannot define truth in terms of words.

To know your true nature you can only know what you are not, negate what you are not till nothing remains, but only your existence as awareness remains which you cannot negate. The nature of awareness is simply true bliss. The truth itself is bliss but when we use language there is duality, the language can only point, you have to know it by yourself, because it is your nature. And whenever you observe the silent gaps between the lines you read is pointing truth.


Meditation is pointing truth..



Meditation is observing what’s going on in your mind, let it stream, at one point when you observe continuously the flow of thoughts decrease. The moment you observe you are free of mind, just be there the mind becomes still. Now you are observing the stillness, the stillness is nothing but only pointing truth, the mind can never know what’s happening, when you are aware of thoughts it immediately becomes still.

Just put in some practice daily, it’s not that meditation means you have to sit for hours doing nothing. In your daily life observe how your mind patterns are, then the mind have no power on you but some times it rebels and attack on you when you sit for meditation, don’t worry immediately watch your surroundings and breath deeply the mind calms down. When the mind is calm deepen even more just be there, everything happens automatically, if there are no thoughts awareness shines and you feel peace. On the whole meditation is pointing truth.


What is mind?

The mind is a flow of thoughts and it generates thoughts in the form of images, and dialogues. It is a very powerful thing in the body which produces only thoughts, it is restless in it’s own trap, unless one step out of the thoughts and watch the thought process it is endless absorbing the whole energy of yours. Simply we can say it is only a thoughts factory which is restless all the time, and mind exists only in time that is past and future, it always grab some past events or situations and pretend the future. Then is there a time when there is no mind? Yes in deep sleep there is no mind, some times it’s active in sleep as dreams. And there is no mind state in waking state that is ‘present moment’.when ever we are in the present moment there is no mind for example, if we are looking at a tree there is no mind, first perception happens and later on the mind interprets as dialogues as how beautiful it is, how fresh it is, oh! there are no flowers, no fruits, and it turns negative, if it’s not producing any flowers and fruits why this tree is here? And so on and on.

As I said before there is no end, but if you are aware of what it is saying and only perceive the tree as it is, then the mind stops for a while, again it returns as dialogues.  Initially wherever you are, just watch your surroundings and take a deep breath and say ”IAM”. And try to be in iam. I am is the first thought of all thoughts and later on other thoughts generate. I am thought can keep away all other thoughts and in the end it vanishes and pure awareness remains. Our identity with thoughts creates suffering and misery, let the thoughts flow with out any interpretation, just observe them and watch ceaselessly they vanish soon.

Why one needs to be free of mind? Because it creates unnecessary suffering, to be free of mind there is only one way that is watching them. The mind don’t want to loose it’s identity as you, know who you really are and you are free. When ever you feel like you are loosing grip over life and feel misery, just take a deep breath and watch your surroundings only perceive it gives you releif and later you can sit for meditation and watch them more deeply.

True Intelligence

images (2)Time to shift the ego to awareness. Knowing that you know something and you don’t know something, who is knowing that you don’t know that’s the awareness itself. Knowing that you are pure awareness is the true intelligence.

 “Shift the ego to awareness”, very easy to say, then how to shift?. Sometimes it feels like, if there’s a button I would press it immediately so that shift happens. Unfortunately there’s no such button. If so, is there a way to know ‘IAM that awareness’, if IAM the awareness itself, then why IAM not able to know it, what is that preventing me to know the truth. The obstacle is the mind preventing you from knowing. The mind continuously generating thoughts and stuffed with thought patterns, there is no gap in between and at the same time, if one is identified with those thoughts that is ego, struggling with what to follow and what not to follow, what to solve and what not to, ending up with no solution. Soon after one will try to compress the thoughts by shifting attention to any other activity like watching television, playing games, browsing, eating etc. The moment you stop the activity, mind is not gone it’s just compressed or on a hold, it returns with same old patterns, seems like a mind saying i am back on track.

It’s just a matter of being aware of mind in the form of thoughts. Unless and until you are aware of what thoughts are playing in the stream, the mind takes advantage of it and absorbs your total attention. In fact mind cannot touch you. If you are unaware or unconscious, it takes the identity as you . But the moment you are aware of the thoughts at least a gap in the thoughts stream, then the mind looses it’s grip on you. Creating a gap in the stream of thoughts can be done by just watching as a witness, just perceiving your present surroundings, by doing this, the mind looses it’s identity as you, still the thoughts stream as usual, but now you are not thoughts, you are witnessing them, the moment you are witnessing them, you are declaring that you are not mind or thoughts.

The moment your not mind, all it’s problems are not yours, you remain as pure awareness, conscious presence, the witness, absolute truth, ultimate truth, self, all are one, ‘you are that’ and ‘that is you’.

Thank you for reading..